Ad Group Call Extensions Template

The Ad Group Call Extensions Template is a simple document that allows you to add a phone number in the text of your ad. This is a great feature for any business to include, as it gives you a way to connect directly with a customer through your ad. However, if you have multiple departments in your business, things can get kind of hectic. The template lets you organize, edit, store, and upload your call extensions directly to your AdWords campaign. This way, you can have multiple numbers associated with ads focused on your various departments.

How to Use the Ad Group Call Extensions Template

You’ll first need to specify whether you’re going to add, remove, or simply edit your call extension for an ad group in a certain campaign. Simply enter “add” or “remove” in column A.

Next, to keep your ad groups in order, you will enter the name of your campaign that this specific ad group falls under. You will enter your campaign name in column B. After you’ve entered your campaign, you’ll specify even further by entering the name of your ad group in the next column over.

Now for the important part, you will enter the phone number for your ad group in column D. This is the number that customers will be directed to once they click on your extension.

The Country code column is where you’ll simply list your business’s country of operation, as displayed in the example document. Just enter the country where your phone number is listed. For example, if your phone number is in the United States of America, you would enter “US”.

Finally, the Use Call Forwarding column is an optional section that lets you use a Google forwarding number with your Call Extension Upload ad. Simply enter “Yes” or “No” in the column. You can also select if you want calls only in column G.

Once you’re finished filling out the template, just log in to your AdWords account and upload your template by following the guidelines listed on AdWords.

Download: Ad Group Call Extensions Template

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