Annual Sales Report Template

Annual Sales Report Template

Sometimes the best way to have data summarized is through imagery. The Annual Sales Report Template is an effect Excel datasheet that will accumulate your sales information for the year and have it displayed in various graph forms.

How to use the Annual Sales Report Template

Using the link below, download the template and open it in Excel. The datasheet already has information in it as an example. The first page is where data is put together into graphs, so move down to the bottom of the page and select “Datasheet”.

The top portion is automatically totaled from the data you enter. Move down to the columns with months and begin entering your sales numbers for each month from various sources. You can leave blank or change the sources if they don’t fit your business model. The bottom of each category will be totaled for you. The template has “August Online Sales” displayed at the bottom as an example. To edit this, change the cell number in the top entry to whatever you want displayed. For instance, changing it to “C18” will show September’s Retail sales total.

Once you have finished entering your data, go back to “Sales Report”.  This information will now be updated to reflect what you have inputted. You can customize it by changing the title, sub-headline, and eliminating any portions that don’t apply to your company.

Tips on using the Annual Sales Report Template

  • Email this filled-in datasheet to those who want to examine and filter the data themselves, and you can reserve the cover page with charts for presentations.
  • Consistently update the data each month to reflect your sales trends correctly.
  • Save your entries year-over-year to compare how your sales are doing through different channels.

Download: Annual Sales Report Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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