Bar Inventory Control

Bar Inventory Control Sheets

Bar owners know that few professions can be more stressful or time consuming. Between general operations, dealing with patrons and managing employees, the last thing owners want to worry about is accurate inventory levels. Now, inventory issues can become a thing of the past with the new bar inventory control template from Microsoft.

The bar inventory control template will help owners and managers ensure that they will never run out of the items they need most no matter how busy days and nights get. Bar owners will also love the fact that the incredible bar inventory control template is available for free right here on this page. The template is ready to use immediately after downloading.

How to Use the Bar Inventory Control Template

The bar inventory control template is designed to be used in Microsoft Excel. While it’s advised to fill in data fields via keyboard, the bar inventory control sheet can also be printed off and filled in by hand. The template features light pastel colors, but they can be customized to match the color scheme of your business. You can also add a bar logo or slogan if you so choose.

The first step in filling out the bar inventory control template is to add the inventory identification number, followed by the product’s name and a brief description. Next, add the unit price, the quantity in stock and the inventory value in the appropriate data fields of the bar inventory control template.

The next step is to add the reorder level, followed by the time in days it will take for the product to arrive. Finally, add the quantity that that is currently in reorder. If an item has been discontinued, mark it in the appropriate field. The bar inventory control template also gives you the option to highlight items when they need to be reordered.

Get the Microsoft Bar Inventory Control Template Today!

Bar and restaurant owners have more than enough to worry about. With the Microsoft bar inventory control template, making sure you have accurate records of products on hand won’t be one of your concerns. Download the bar inventory control template for free right here at today!

Download: Bar Inventory Control Sheets

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