Bill Pay Organizer

Often when you’re looking for the best companies to supply your daily amenities, services, or products, you need to diversify for the best results. The Bill Pay Organizer helps you track all these companies and the bills you have to pay on one simple document. You don’t have to bundle with one company just to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple numbers. Go out and get the best deals, let this template organize all the information for you. You can finally have a way to keep all your bills in one place, download the free template today to get started.

Using Bill Pay Organizer

To download the free template to your computer, just click the link at the bottom of your screen.

The setup is pretty simple for the Bill Pay template. There are 16 different columns in which to insert your own information.

You will begin editing the Bill Pay template by listing the current year to the far right of your screen. This will make it easier for you to organize your financial records later on.

Next, start by listing the due date of your bill and the company you have to make the payment to. You can also leave yourself convenient notes, like listing your bill must be paid online or by mail.

The next few columns list out each month of the year with checkboxes for each bill. When you pay a bill, you will simply find the current month and click the checkbox to indicate the bill has been paid off already.

The last column lets you track the average amount you’re spending on a bill. The template will also take the cumulative total of all your bills and display that figure in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

With this template, you finally shop around for the best prices instead of being locked into a bundle with one billing company. Don’t settle for convenience over price; get both by using this template today.

Download: Bill Pay Organizer

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