Birthdays & Anniversaries Chart

Birthdays & Anniversaries are supposed to be an exciting time in your life, they weren’t meant to get you in trouble with your friends, family, or significant other. Let’s be honest, sometimes you might forget one of these events for the people close to you. The Birthdays & Anniversaries Chart was designed so you never miss a single birthday or anniversary. The chart is completely free and gives you a space to quickly enter all of your loved one’s information during a specific month. Never forget one of these important events again by using the template chart now.

Using the Birthdays & Anniversaries Chart

The first step is to download the free template to your computer by following the link at the bottom of your screen.

You can see each month of the year is color-coordinated with a list of items in each table. You’ll find the month of someone’s birthday or anniversary and locate the dates in the corresponding table. Note, the name of each month is listed at the top of each table.

You can enter the name of the person, the day their event takes place, and check if it’s either for their birthday or anniversary by selecting “B” or “A”.

When a new month comes around, you will simply look through your list of items and if nothing shows up, you know that you have no upcoming birthdays or anniversaries to worry about.

You can also print the document for your convenience. To print the Birthdays and Anniversaries Chart, simply click the “File” button at the top of your screen in the Home Ribbon and select “Print” from the proceeding drop-down menu.

If you’re tired of forgetting your friends and families special events and need a way to organize all this information, the template chart is your new best friend.

Download: Birthdays & Anniversaries Chart

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