Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

It’s very important to track your vitals when you’re dealing with abnormal blood pressure and glucose levels. As you adjust your diet and exercise routine, you will need to keep careful track of your daily progress. The Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker is an easy way to record your vitals throughout the day and calculate your averages.

How to use the Blood Pressure and Glucose Excel Tracker

The straight-forward document can be downloaded using the link below and opened in Excel. The tracker already has information entered to help guide you. Begin with the top horizontal row. Your systolic and diastolic pressures are the first bars to fill in. The numbers entered should be what your doctor advises. Yellow is the pressure you want, and red is the pressure you need to call a doctor about.

Next is the glucose scale. Again, these numbers come from your doctor. They’re split into color codes for low, normal, and high. The box labeled “Averages” next to it will be automatically generated, so skip over it for now.

Below is where you can enter your data. This sheet tracks vitals in hourly increments, but these can change depending on your doctor’s recommendation. Fill in the [Date] and time fields first. Then, use one or two words to describe the event that you did during that hour. From here, track your blood pressure and enter the numbers (including your heart rate) for each corresponding hour. Under the glucose column, record your glucose level and automatically, the level and status will generate. The bar graph that is made throughout the day will show how you’re doing.

The notes section is important for your doctor. Note any medication, events, or other factors that would alter your stats. Once you’ve finished with the data entries, go back to the “Averages” section and you’ll see an automatically generated list of averages for each vital.

Make a new tracking template every day and bring them in to show your doctor. They can use this information to track your progress and adjust medication as needed.

Download the Blood Pressure and Glucose Excel Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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