Campaign Level Call Extensions Template

You can use the Campaign Level Call Extensions Upload Template to add your phone numbers into the text of your AdWords dynamic ads. The purpose of this template is to edit and upload your call extensions into your AdWords campaign directly. Instead of going through all of your call extensions individually, you can create your own sheet as an offline document and implement changes whenever you need. Download the file below to get started making your own Campaign Level Call Extensions Upload Template.

How to Use the Campaign Level Call Extensions Template

The Action column is where you will enter what you want to do with an extension. As with the examples features on this template you can either choose to add or remove one of your extensions from the list.

You’ll want to choose the campaign that will feature your call extension. To select one of your campaigns, simply type the name of it in the Campaign column.

The Ad Groups column allows you to select an ad group with your designated campaign if you need to specify even further.

Now you can enter the call extension number you want for your specified ad group and campaign by entering the number in column D. When your customer clicks on your mobile ad they will be directed to this number to call. You’ll also need to enter the country code in the next column along with the corresponding phone number.

If you need to use a google forwarding number instead of a direct extension line, you can use The Use Call Forwarding column. Just enter whether you want to have call forwarding in column F.
Finally, the only thing left to do is to enter “Yes” or “No” in column G to specify if you want to receive calls only.

With everything filled out, you can upload this document in your AdWords campaign. Follow the instructions listed to upload your document on AdWords.

Download: Campaign Level Call Extensions Template

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