Campaign Level Review Extensions Template

If your AdWords campaign could use a little kick, try adding a review extension. A review extension allows you to display customer reviews in your Google search ad. The dynamic form of remarketing is ideal for targeting the perfect demographic for your business. The Campaign Level Review Extensions Template is a simple spreadsheet that lets you store multiple different reviews for each of your products or services on one template. All you need to do is upload the document to your AdWords campaign and let them apply the information you give to your ads. Download the Review Extensions template to start building the perfect ad review extension for your business.

How to Use the Campaign Level Review Extensions Template

The Action column is where you need to specify what kind of action you’ll take with your extension. The ad in the example Review Extensions Template provided, simply write if you want to add or remove an extension to your list.

Now, you can write which campaign you want to use this extension for in column B. this will help structure and organize your extensions in case you have similar extensions for different campaigns.

You’ll also want to list the ad group of your campaign that the extension will go under. Simply enter the title of your ad group in the Ad Group column.

Next, the review that you want to list needs to have a source. The Source Name column is where you will enter the name of the person or company that left a review for your product, service, or business in general.

You can also connect the specific page of your product or service that was reviewed in the extension. Type the URL of this page in the Source URL column.

At long last, you are free to enter the actual comment itself in the Text column. Write out the comment for your page that you want to be displayed in your ad.

In the last column, titled Is Exact Quote, you can enter “yes” or “no” to verify if the quote you use is the exact one from the review you’re sitting. If you need to make any changes, you can simply write “no”. Note, this section is completely optional.

Now, you can simply upload this document directly to AdWords.

Download: Campaign Level Review Extensions Template

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