Campaign Level Structured Snippet Extensions Template

Structured snippets for your dynamic ads can add a much-needed element to your AdWords campaign. These snippets can illustrate to customers the various details of a specific product or service that you offer. In addition to creating the bulk of your ad and featuring attractive content, you can use the snippets to include details that you simply didn’t have space for in the main section. The Campaign Level Structured Snippet Extensions Template will help you store multiple snippets for your campaign so you can easily upload them to your AdWords account. Download this free template to get started now.

Campaign Level Structured Snippet Extensions Template Instructions

You’ll first want to select the action you want to take in column A by writing “add” or “remove” to indicate what action you want to take with your extension.

You’ll also need to specify which campaign you want to use this structured snippet. To do this, click in the cell adjacent to the action you just typed and write your campaign title.
AdWords also includes a variety of Structured Snippet Header categories that you must use in order to create the snippet. Read through the list provided by AdWords and choose the category that best suits your topic. You should know that you have to choose one of the listed headers in order to create a structured snippet.

The final column, Structured Snippet Values, is where you will actually go into specifics about your product or service. This will be the item page that you base your header on. This should be a short descriptive word or phrase that outlines what your product or service is and what you offer.

If you want to include start and end dates for your campaign, you can write extra columns like the ones featured in the top left corner of the page.

All you have left to do is go into your AdWords account and upload the document to your campaign to have this information used in ads. Follow the instructions in AdWords to upload your document.

Download: Campaign Level Structured Snippet Extensions Template

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