Classroom Door Sign Template

Teachers and educators have a responsibility to stay in contact with students to relay important information. There are many different reasons a teacher would need to communicate with students. An easy to see and effective form of communicating to students is through signage.  Some of the most common reasons to use signs to give information to students include telling the public that a test is currently underway, the class has been moved for the day, or even acknowledging the cancellation of a class.

Teachers don’t have to spend a ton of money or time on basic school supplies. By simply downloading the Classroom Door Sign Template, educators can take advantage of our free user-friendly template to create high quality Classroom signs.

Using the free Classroom Door Sign Template

Even a Microsoft Word newcomer will see that our classroom sign template is easy to use. Find the file near the end of the article and download it to your desktop. Open it up in Microsoft Word and follow these instructions to get started.

  • Once the file is open, you’ll notice a large header with the text “welcome to.” Just highlight this and delete it to enter your own personalized header.
  • You’ll notice in the middle of the template that there is a large image. Delete this placeholder image and insert an image of your own to better present your message.
  • Underneath that center image, type your name and the message you want to relay to your students.

Classroom Door Sign Template Tips

  • Style the template to fit your personality. Use multiple colors, fonts, and images to help portray your message.
  • If class is cancelled or moved, leave information on how the students should properly respond to the situation. Examples include “don’t forget to study for the upcoming test” and “class resumes on Monday.”
  • The easier on the eyes the sign is, the more students will pay attention to it. Make your sign and its imagery clear and concise.

Download: Classroom Door Sign Template


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