Cursive Writing Template

Cursive Writing Template

A staple of grade school learning is the introduction to cursive writing. Cursive serves the purpose of writing faster, more eloquently, and being able to read the original Constitution. The Cursive Writing Template is the perfect tool for teachers and parents guiding their children into the world of cursive writing. Download and print it for free.

How to use the Excel Cursive Writing Template

Download the one page template and print off as many copies as you want. Have your child begin by writing their name and the date at the top, in cursive or not depending on their level of learning.

The document is formatted to have two solid lines with a dotted in the center to help the child know how tall cursive letters should be. Capital letters will go from the bottom solid line to the top solid line, and the lower case lines will stop at the dotted line.

You can use these sheets to start someone off with just practicing letters in upper and lower case, and then have them move onto words, and eventually full sentences.

Tips on using the Cursive Writing Template

  • Keep all copies of the child’s filled worksheets, and put a star or sticker next to lines that are correct. Then, the child can reference those lines when progressing in their cursive writing.
  • Write examples yourself on the sheets for the child to follow if they don’t have another reference.
  • Perfect for homeschooling or at-home practice because of their simplicity, so print off as many as you want and practice until your heart is content.

Download the Cursive Writing Template

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