Daily Routine Timeline

The weekend is your break from work and a time to have fun with your favorite hobbies. However, you still have a tame week; you need a way to squeeze a little extra time from your schedule. The free Daily Routine Timeline is the best tool to help you organize the daily structure of your schedule, to maximize how effectively you spend your time. The template allows you to create a complete overview of the tasks you have for the week on a timeline. To use this timeline template, just follow the link at the bottom of this page and read the directions below.

Getting to Know the Daily Routine Timeline

Now that you have your own copy of the Daily Routine Timeline, you can start to change the information so it fit your needs.

Start in the “Data Table” tab. This is where you’ll craft a schedule to fit your daily life. You can fit in work, school, and your piano lessons. The template will automatically update the main table in the other tab with this new data.

When entering information into this table, be sure to include the time, the chore/task name, and the height. The height will determine where the information will appear on the timeline tab.
You can use the height to create your system of prioritizing things, like higher items have a higher priority.

When you scroll back to the “Chat” tab, you can see your schedule timeline come to life. With a bar to represent the present and everything you need to accomplish for the day in the immediate future, this template gives you what you need.

You can use the data table to make an adjustment here and there but for the most part, you want your schedule to remain consistent. You can get the necessary things out of the way quickly and enjoy your free time because this template will save you time.

Download: Daily Routine Timeline

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