Detention Sign-In Template

Detention Sign-In Template

There’s no point in assigning detention to students if they’re able to sneak out of it. The Detention Sign-In Sheet allows any teacher to track each student’s detention status easily. Use this one page document to keep detention organized.

How to use the Detention Sign-In Template

Using the link below, download the template and get started. The top 4 boxes are for managing location and other details of that day’s detention. Once that has been filled out, the sheet can be printed.

Once students check-in to detention, they can fill in their name, grade level, and what teacher assigned them detention (if they don’t have a slip to indicate it). Make sure you, as the detention supervisor, write in the time in and time out portions independently to avoid any tampering.

Finally, once each student has finished serving detention, you can calculate the time that was served along with signing your initials before filing the sheet away.

Tips for using the Detention Sign-In Template

  • In place of “Grade”, you can have a student fill in their Student ID (if applicable) to better keep track of their records and avoid mix ups with students with the same name.
  • The assigning teacher portion can be eliminated, filled in by the student, or filled in by the detention supervisor via receiving paperwork from the assigning teachers.
  • Make sure all students fill in their lines with pen to avoid any erasing and replacing.
  • Likewise, you can require student’s show their student ID to verify it is them checking in to detention and not a friend who owes them one.

Download the Detention Sign-In Template

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