Employee Absence Tracking Calendar

Tracking employee absences is extremely busy and frustrating work, but it doesn’t have to be. The Employee Absence Tracking Calendar can help both small and large businesses track the hours and absences of your employees on one simple document. No more hand-written scribbles and calculators trying to work out the number of hours your employee has earned. This template keeps a well-organized account of multiple people and their vacation and medical hours. Your employees work hard to earn their vacation and medical time off, and you can help ensure they receive those hours by downloading the completely free Tracking Calendar today!

How to Use the Employee Absence Tracking Calendar

To download the free Employee Absence template, simply click the link provided below.

Start in the “Data” tab to begin customizing. The template includes some helpful examples, but you can easily change or delete these items by clicking in the cell and typing something new.
To add more spaces to the document, simply press the “tab” button on your keyboard after you have clicked inside the last cell of the table. This will create a new row to insert another person’s information.

Simply fill out all the required information mentioned in the title row of the table. This will include the employee name, the date, the number of current vacation and medical hours used and the month and year these hours would normally expire or reset.

The “Total” tab will give you a clear and concise overview of all this information. The table in the upper left-hand corner of the page will list the employee’s name and the total number of hours they have used for each category.

You don’t have to struggle to keep track of your employee’s hours, save yourself time and money by downloading this free template!

Compatible with Excel version 2013 only

Best Features of the Employee Absence Tracking Calendar

  • Setup page is included
  • Calculates hours automatically
  • Tracks both medical and vacation hours earned

Download: Employee Absence Tracking Calendar

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