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Columns, rows, cells and endless other Excel nuances can make mastering the program seem like an insurmountable task. Those who learn the fastest are quickly launched to office hero status while you’re still trying to figure out the difference between absolute and relative references.

We took a look at Excel Everest to see if it’s multimedia platform could make spreadsheets easy for novices and still teach the self-proclaimed Excel wizards out there a thing or two.  Read our full Excel Everest review below.

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•    Multimedia, interactive format
•    Lessons for all levels of Excel users
•    Lessons for Mac and PC users
•    Costs less than most Excel lesson books
•    Training benefits a wide array of professions


No Everest for Word or PowerPoint

What is Excel Everest?

Excel Everest is an online tutorial for Excel users that teaches newcomers and intermediate users to navigate the program easily, although even those who consider themselves experts stand to learn a few new tricks to add to their Excel arsenal.

What really sets this training system apart is its interactive, hands on approach. Excel Everest is created, and operates inside a spreadsheet for complete learning integration with real-life examples of practical application.

Unlike the dry, less-than-enthusiastic tone of most books and even Microsoft’s own training videos, Excel Everest offers something different: it’s actually engaging.

How Does it Work?

Excel Everest’s course covers 41 topics that will teach participants everything from complex formulas to making a damn fine-looking chart. The folks at Everest painstakingly researched what topics would best address common stumbling blocks and provide a comprehensive overview of Excel.

The lessons also include embedded video, allowing users to see practical applications of Excel played out in real time. In all, users will have access to 87 engaging and well-produced videos.

A nice perk: the videos are embedded within Excel Everest, so you won’t have to open up a browser.

There are also plenty of exercises included in the training. They are broken up into easy, medium and hard, so you’ll be able to work your way up to the more advanced Excel tricks. If anything seems confusing at first, it’s second nature by the time lessons are reinforced through conversational text, video and exercises.

Excel Everest will also track your progress throughout the lessons. All exercises are graded and you’ll get a chart showing showing what problems were tackled properly and which ones need some more work.

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The navigation buttons in Excel Everest are very user-friendly, making it easy to jump around to different lessons, topics and videos. Despite the hours of training included, it’s actually hard to get lost using Excel Everest.

Our Thoughts

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better training lesson at this price point, or even twice the cost. The tutorial includes a whopping 20 hours of lessons, making it more comprehensive and easier to absorb than any book on the market.

The frequent exercises, videos and conversational text keeps you engaged and the 339 buttons make it super easy to navigate.

More importantly, it’s a fun way to learn Excel. The lessons are structured in a way that will make you look forward to the next test, not dread it and the scorekeeping keeps you accountable to reach higher levels.

The Verdict: Buy it

With Spreadsheets being used in roughly 95 percent of all offices and firms in the United States, the working world is in dire need of a comprehensive Excel tutorial that won’t leave us sleeping at our desks.

Excel Everest delivers through its refreshing brand of integrated content and engaging lesson plan. It’s structured, interactive, effective, affordable and fun. In other words, it’s the full package. Our guess is that those who take this course won’t soon go back to “Dummy” books or boring YouTube videos. This lesson lesson lays it all out in an easy to swallow way, and does it at a great price.

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