Field Trip Permission Form

Field trips are a valued part of every child’s education. What kid doesn’t love going to places like museums to lay their eyes on treasures from times long ago? Learning and field trips go hand in hand and provide children with new experiences. Seeing new places and experiencing things hand-on stimulates a child’s mind and encourages learning and curiosity.

Before taking students on a field trip, it’s important for parents to be informed about the special event. All aspects regarding the trip should be spelled out to parents so they know exactly where their child is at and what they’re doing. This can easily be accomplished with the free Field Trip Permission Form template.

Using the Field Trip Permission Form

Our permission slip template has all your bases covered. It plainly lays out all the information that both the school and parents need to know about the outing. Below are a few steps in getting started using the Excel field trip permission form.

  • At the top of the form, fill out the date that the slip needs to be returned to the teacher.
  • Trip details are to be entered next. The basics such as date, location, purpose, and cost are all part of this section. Arrival and departure times are addressed here as well.
  • Lastly, insert any special instructions near the bottom of the field trip information section of the slip.

Field Trip Permission Form Template Tips

  • Parents will need to fill out the bottom portion of the slip in its entirety. Print your child’s name and date in the first part of the lower section followed by the location and time of the trip.
  • Enter accurate emergency contact information. If something does happen, it’s important that someone is able to be contacted immediately.
  • Teachers and educators can customize the permission slip with the school’s logo and colors to make it an official document.

Teachers can save time and money by downloading the Permission Form template. Get it from My Excel Templates free today!

Download: Field Trip Permission Form Template


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