Flight Feed Template

The Flight Feed Template is the perfect tool for anyone in the airline industry to promote their business in the most efficient way possible. This template organizes your product/service feed specifically for flights. Your flight feed, of course, will help you with dynamic remarketing, making it easier for you to choose the information you want displayed on ads for people that have been to your site.

Flight Feed Template Guide

The first column of the template lists your Destination ID. This ID is can be any sequence of letters and numbers and should refer to a specific product or service on your site. In the example, the ID refers to the London airport as the destination.

The Origin ID is a similar column to the Destination ID but states the origin of a specific flight, which in this case is Paris. This ID should also be a unique string of numbers and digits and can be included in your flight feed ad.

The Final URL is only recommended if you do not have a Destination ID. This will be the same domain as your website or the URL you want people to be sent when they click your flight feed ad.
Next, the Image URL is where you will insert an image to be displayed for your ad. AdWords can accept the following formats, JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

The Destination and Origin name columns gives you the opportunity to specify your arrival and destination locations in an easy-to-read format on your ad for the reader. Your Origin and Destination IDs might make sense for your system, but the customer may need a more direct approach (London, Paris).

Now, in the Flight Price column, you will list the price of the flight featured in the ad. Remember to use the standard currency code, ISO 4217. Note that periods will be used when you need to designate decimal points.

You can also use the Flight Sale Price column to list a promotion or sale on your flight feed ad. Keep in mind that if you enter an amount here, the “Flight Price” figure will be crossed out and will display this value instead. Use the same structure here as you did for the amount above.

The next column, Tracking Template, is meant to be used in conjunction with the Final URL only. Essentially, you will enter the URL people will go to before they enter your landing page. You can even include ValueTrack parameters to monitor important data about your flight feed ad clicks.

Finally, the Custom Parameter column can be used to write your own unique parameters, 3 per row. Remember, you must use this structure, (“{_orig}”) and a value (“PAR”) when filling out your custom parameters. These tags are intended give you important details about your click sources that will better enhance your campaigns overall.

When you have all the important details of your airline business entered into this template, you can quickly upload the sheet into your AdWords account to be applied directly with your campaign.

Download: Flight Feed Template

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