Food for Babies Checklist

Food for Babies Checklist

Not sure what to feed your baby? The Food for Babies Checklist is designed to show you what babies and children should be eating at the right age. Most experts are coming to the conclusion that baby food (canned baby food) isn’t all that great for babies. Children need to learn about different food textures when they’re developing their taste buds, but if not baby food, then what?

This template gives you a table of age groups and the foods that children of that age can enjoy. One trip to the grocery store and you could easily provide your baby with the food they need to develop a healthy diet. Read the free template today by following the directions listed below.

Download and Use the free Food for Babies Checklist

Click the link below to download.

When you open the sheet you’ll find 5 different tables that represent different age groups (4-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, and 12+ months).

You need to start by finding the table with the age group for your child. If your baby is 5 months old, for example, you would go to the first table of the template. You’ll notice that a lot of these foods are softer than others on the list. They are also easier on your baby’s stomach to digest.

Some of the items a 5-month-old can eat would be a banana, apple, pear, rice, and even some carrots.

As time progresses, your list of foods for the baby will also continue to grow, giving you more to work with. You can see that the list of items is extremely healthy to boot.

You can find the food that’s both good for you and your baby by downloading the free template today.

Download: Food for Babies Checklist

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