Gravity Acceleration Template

If you’re taking a beginning physics class in high school then you might come across the question, “Does altitude influence gravity on an object?” This question is one of the first posed to students going after this study and you might be inclined to answer “yes.” However, you better have a good explanation when your teacher calls on you for the answer. The free Gravity Acceleration Template is the perfect way to learn how things like latitude can affect the gravity that an object experiences. To get started with this free template, just follow the guide below.

Downloading and Using Gravity Acceleration Template

To download the free template, just click on the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step will be to look at the “How” tab. This tab will show you a simple graph and a list of different latitudes to the left of the template.

At the very top of the template, you can enter your own altitude amount and watch as the template automatically applies your graph amount to the line below. You can clearly see that by changing this amount, it has an impact on the gravity that is experienced by an object.
To the right of the template, you can also change the latitude, altitude, and even the value of gravity if you are so inclined.

Now you need to learn why. You will go to the “Why” tab below.

The “Why” tab shows you why these elements have an impact on gravity. The difference between the radiuses around the Earth will cause these fluctuations. You can learn about these concepts more in-depth by following the link at the bottom of this tab.

The free Gravity Acceleration Template is the best way to learn about gravity! Click the link below to download today!

Download: Gravity Acceleration Template

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