High School Athletic Budget

Creating a High School Athletic Budget can be a daunting and arduous task for even the most seasoned administrator. With the drastic increase in both the number of sports being played at the high school level and the dramatic increase in the budget of these sports, it’s absolutely imperative that an administrator be able to account for every penny. Additionally, a well organized budget can help administrators identify key areas of need and areas of success. Using a High School Athletic Budget document is just the way to do this.

How to Use a High School Athletic Budget Template

  • First, download the free template and save it to your computer.
  • Next, use the customizable template to fill in the expenses of your athletic department according to each category.
  • The free, totally customizable template lets the author define expense items, budgeted cost, actual cost, and item type.
  • Then, use the Budget Report “At a Glance” page to identify the difference between what was budgeted and what was paid for both expenditures and revenues.
  • Finally, use the “Budget List” page to easily define all areas of Expense and Revenue.

Tips for a More Effective High School Athletic Budget Template

  • Utilize the dropdown Menus in each header area to sort information in a number of different ways. This can help you put expenses in numerical order.
  • Update the High School Athletic Budget as frequently as possible. Letting it go for too long can result in a backlog of information.
  • Use the navigation bars at the top of the document to move from one page to another more quickly.
  • Be as specific as possible when identifying Expenditures. Tell exactly what the finances were used for. This will help when creating a budget in the future.
  • Use the Budget Report to easily create graphs which show costs and revenue.
  • Get creative and add your school logo or colors to the template.
  • Print out a copy and save it at the end of the fiscal year for documentation purposes.

This High School Athletic Budget Template will allow all school administrators to keep a close watch on the income and expenditures of the athletic programs.

Download: High School Athletic Budget

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