Hindu Holidays Calendar Template

Celebrating the fun and vibrant spirit of Hindu holidays is a great way to learn more about the culture. However, there are quite a few to learn, where do you even begin? The free Hindu Holidays Calendar Template is an Excel sheet that lists out every Hindu holiday celebration from cultures across the world. You can use this template to see what holidays are coming up and start engaging with the community. If you want to download and learn how to use this free template, read the instructions below for more details.

How to Use the Hindu Holidays Calendar Template

To download the free template, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Start in the “Events” tab below. This is where you will find all the events and their dates scheduled for the Hindu Holidays Calendar Template in 2017.

In the first few columns, the template will provide you with a date and the name of an upcoming event. You will also see how many days are left until that event.

The “Height” column of the template will help you change the height of the events in the “Timeline” tab. Go to the “Timeline” tab to see how this will look and make any changes you see fit. The timeline gives you a visual representation of the year’s events on one page.

If you need a calendar-style view of all the events, then go to the “Calendar” tab. This page pulls from the main “Events” tab to provide you with a simple calendar view.

If you want to print the list of events, go to the “Print” version, where you can print the calendar version of the template.

If you want to add events to the Hindu Holidays Calendar Template, you can go back to the main “Events” tab and do that as well.

This template gives you the opportunity to embrace the Hindu community.

Download: Hindu Holidays Calendar Template

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