Holiday December Budget Sheet

December can be one of the most hectic months of the year. Everyone is traveling to spend the holidays with their families, buying gifts, and even taking vacations. You want to make sure your budget is under control. The Holiday December Budget Sheet is here to help you through this busy month with a simple format and easy-to-use design, which you can quickly enter all of your expenses into. The template will calculate the totals and give you a nice and clean overview of your finances for the month of December. Now you have total control over your holiday spending!

How to Use the Holiday December Budget Sheet

Once you have successfully downloaded the free file below, you can start to edit this document to fit your every need!

Start in the section marked “Monthly Income”. Here you will be able to list your entire income for the month, as well as any extra money you are expecting to receive. Once you have filled out your monthly income, you’ll be free to use the “Monthly Expenses” section.

In the “Monthly Expenses” table, there is a list of pre-written examples for you to start out with. You can easily add or change any of these by clicking inside the cell and typing your new information. Just choose the amount you want to budget for yourself under the “Amount” column of this table.

The December Budget also automatically takes your expenses and income and calculates the percentage of your total income that has been used and how much you have left over. Never worry about breaking the budget again with this helpful document!

Why You Should Use the Holiday December Budget Sheet

The holidays are a time for a heavy amount of spending; by keeping track of all your expenses you can easily monitor the trends and impulse buys that are likely to occur. You don’t have to break the bank this holiday season with the help of this simple and free budget template.

Download: Holiday December Budget

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