Holiday Gift List Sheet

The Holiday Gift List Sheet is the best way to organize all of your holiday shopping ideas this year and save yourself more time to spend with your loved ones. This template was designed to be as simple and easy as possible. Simply fill out all the information present on the document in the blank cells and you’ll be ready to print your gift list. Nothing is better than having peace of mind during the holiday season; this document helps you achieve just that!

Holiday Gift List Sheet Instructions

This template is made to be quick and simple. Start by entering the names of your gift recipients under the column titled, “Name”. The template allows you some space for as many people you want to list. Just write all of them down in this column first.

The next step is going to be listing your holiday gift idea. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your idea, you can use it as a placeholder for now until you think of the perfect gift.
In next section, you will fill out the location of where you can purchase your gift idea. Simply search online for places that have your gift in stock then write down the store name and the address under the “Store” column.

Another major element to consider when buying gifts for people is the price. This template includes a convenient section for the price. While doing your online research, also list the cost of the product under the “Price” column, so you can review all the information later on.

The sheet will give you a section to enter whether or not you have purchased and wrapped the item as well. Simply write “yes” or “no” in the last two columns. This way, you will be completely up-to-date with all your holiday shopping this year.

Top 3 Reasons to Use the Holiday Gift List Sheet

  • Everything is listed on one simple tab
  • Only a few pieces of information is needed
  • Simple design makes customization a breeze

Organize your holiday shopping this year with one simple template!

Download: Holiday Gift List Sheet

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