Holiday Invitation Tracker

The Holiday Invitation Tracker is the best way to store, manage, and keep track of all your holiday invitations. Whether you want to invite your friends and family to your upcoming holiday bash or just send them a thoughtful greeting card, this template helps you do that. The amazing Invitation Tracker has all the tools and relevant information to guide you through the necessary steps to monitor this information. Make the holiday season easy on yourself and try the template, it’s absolutely free and easy to use!

Holiday Invitation Tracker Guide

Once you have successfully downloaded the file containing the document, you can start to customize the template with your own information!

Starting by entering the names of your invitation recipients, there are various columns that help you manage the invitations you have sent out as well.

Go through each of these columns and fill out the appropriate information under the corresponding category next to the person’s name. You can enter: if the invitation was sent, if they RSVP’d, the number of people in their party, their relation to you, and their address to send out your invitations as quickly as possible.

There is also a convenient section, to the left of the page, where you can enter the date of your event, the days remaining until that date, the number of people attending, those who are not attending, and finally the number of people who have not responded. The template will also provide you all this information in the “Totals” row.

Now you have everything you need to organize the holidays!

Top 3 Features of the Holiday Invitation Tracker

  • Simple design makes customization easy and quick
  • Provides all the relevant details for tracking
  • Everything you need is on one page for convenience

Track your holiday invitations easily this year with this template!

Download: Holiday Invitation Tracker

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