Holiday Travel Checklist

Do you want to get away this holiday season? The Holiday Travel Checklist is here to help you plan the perfect vacation. Whether you are visiting your family from out-of-state or you just want to escape the cold, this template has everything you need to pack all the essentials and make sure you’re ready to enjoy a nice and relaxing holiday vacation. The format is simple and sleek, giving you a convenient checklist to enter and mark off all the items you want to bring. The template even provides you with a percentage bar to display an overview of your packing progress. Don’t forget a single item this holiday season with this comprehensive Travel Checklist!

Holiday Travel Checklist

To get started, simply download the document from the file below. Once open, you can begin to customize the pre-written text to fit your specific needs.

The template provides you with a pretty comprehensive list of items to get started, simply go through the list and add or change whatever you want by clicking in the cell and typing your new information.

The Holiday Travel checklist also gives you a space to list the category in which the item’s quantity can be displayed.

When something is neatly packed away, you simply find it on your list in the “Packed” column and enter a “1”. This will turn into a checkmark, indicating that the item has been successfully packed. The template will automatically calculate the total number of items and the number of checkmarks entered. There will also be a convenient percentage, listed under the snowman image, to illustrate how far along you are in the packing process.

Once everything has been nicely packed away and the percentage bar is at 100%, you can rest easy knowing everything is ready to go. You can also print the document for extra reassurance.

Why You Should Use the Holiday Travel Checklist

Sometimes you have to leave your home for the holidays, it’s completely understandable. That doesn’t mean you have to leave behind the comfort of home as well. Rest easy knowing everything you want or need is safely packed away. Make your journey one to remember this holiday season!

Plan the perfect holiday trip with this simple checklist!

Download: Holiday Travel Checklist

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