How to Prepend Text In Excel

How to Prepend Text In Excel

Learn how to prepend text in Excel spreadsheets easily and quickly. Using a formula to prepend text results in creating new information within a cell that is slightly altered from previously entered information. This is useful for categorizing and updating your spreadsheets. Prepend text goes before the indicated text and can used for a number of purposes. Read on to learn how to achieve this feat of Excel prowess.

Download the Prepend Text example and follow along to learn.

How to Prepend Text:

  1. Open up your downloaded prepend example sheet and view the four columns, one empty, and four rows. Your goal is to fill in that last row with this formula’s results.
  2. Choose the cell you want your prepend added – D3 here – and enter the following formula: = “A” & C3
  3. The formula will result in cell D3 being populated with “A5252”.
  4. To use this formula to the remaining cells in the row, drag down from D3 and the rest will be finished automatically.

Why should I use Prepend Text?

  • Alphabetical organization is made easy with this formula. simply preface rows with A, B, C, etc to achieve this.
  • It’s much quicker than entering each cell manually.
  • Keep Excel updated easily with this formula because of its drag feature. Apply mass changes with a click of your mouse.

Tips for Success: Spend time in the example trying different formula variations before going into your intended Excel document. Change “A” in the formula to “Terminated”, “In Progress”, or other statuses to get a feel for how to split up groups.

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