Independent Contractor Checklist

Correctly designating the relationship between a company and a worker has major impact on both the worker and the company. An independent contractor can do some things that an employee cannot. Likewise, a company is required to do some things for an employee that it does not have to do for a contractor. When a business deals with both types of workers, correctly designating them can become difficult. The use of an independent contractor checklist can help make that determination easier.

How to Use the Independent Contractor Checklist

  • First, customize the free independent contractor checklist with the business’s name and information. Save as a template for future determinations of classification.
  • Second, enter in the details of the worker whose status is being determined. Check each box that applies to the individual.
  • Third, review the results. If more of the boxes associated with an independent contractor are checked than those of an employee, then the worker is an independent contractor. On the other hand, if more employee boxes are checked than those of an independent contractor, the worker is an employee.

Tips for Using the Independent Contractor Checklist

  • First, upon review of the checklist, the business should behave accordingly. If the worker is a contractor, treat him as a contractor. If the worker is an employee, treat him as an employee.
  • Second, keep with the checklist supporting documentation. If the government decides to check out the business’s treatment of labor, the best defense a business has is to have all its’ documentation straight
  • Third, remember that the determination of independent contractor or employee is not based on a single factor. The determination is based on number of factors. The overall picture is what determines the designation.

The designation of a worker in relation to a company has wide ranging effects. Therefore, making the correct designation of a worker is very important to companies. The determination of the appropriate designation of a worker can be confusing to companies who use both independent contractors and employees. The process can be simplified by use of the downloadable independent contractor checklist from

Download: Independent Contractor Checklist

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