Insurance Policy Card

Having your insurance information right in front of you can be extremely helpful under quite a number of circumstances. You may be surprised how easy it is to lose your information and even forget your insurance provider’s contact information. The Insurance Policy Card is a template that lets you store all the information you need and print it out for your convenience. Now you’ll never be caught without this vital information again. Read the instructions below to learn how to download and use the Policy Card template.

How to Use the Insurance Policy Card

We make downloading this free template as simple as possible. All you need to do is scroll down this page and follow the link provided.
The next step is to actually start entering your information. Take the opportunity to look through the entire document to understand how it’s set up.

The template has a section for every type of major insurance available. The sections list everything from homeowner’s insurance to life insurance and each table has the same required information, to make things simpler.

Let’s use an example to get you started. You need to list your auto insurance in the designated section. You would start by entering the provider’s name, phone number, your policy number, agent’s name, deductible, and any notes on your policy.

Now you will continue through the template and list out the same information for the remaining sections that you are covered for.

You can finally rest easy knowing that all your required insurance information is on-hand in case of an emergency.

Why You Should Use the Insurance Policy Card

  • Easily to print the document for your convenience.
  • Simple format allows for quick customization.
  • All your insurance information will be ready and waiting on one page.

Download: Insurance Policy Card

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