Job Search Tracking Log Book

Downloading this template will be the best thing you ever did. The free Job Search Tracking Log Book allows you to create a running list of jobs you’ve found online that look amazing at first glance so you never miss an opportunity. Of course, over time you will weed out these options, down to the best of the best, until you have the perfect job before you. This template just makes your life easier by giving the space to track and find the perfect job for your interests. If you’re interested in using this free template, just read the guide below for more details.

Using the Job Search Tracking Log Book

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to download the free template file.

Start in the resume submissions tab at the bottom of the opened file. You will see a list of items in the first row of the template. Just fill out the information you see under each column item.

For example, in the networking contacts tab, you will list the acquaintance that recommended the job, company name, date contracted (if applicable), and any comments. This tab simply allows you to network people that you already know and could potentially help you land a job.

When you land a job, you can use the Interviews tab to list all the interviews you’ve scheduled for the future. This way you can prepare your responses and tailor them for that specific company, instead of going in blind.

When you get an offer, you can enter the company website in the career websites tab to lookup company policies, philosophies, and the general vibe of that business to see if it’s something that you would enjoy.

If you’re ready to find the perfect job by organizing your option in this free Job Search Tracking Log Book and using the tools to narrow down that list for the perfect career, then download the sheet today!

Download: Job Search Tracking Log Book

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