Kid’s Handwriting Practice Template

Kid’s Handwriting Practice Template

Children experience many struggles in growing up, the most prominent being coordination skills. Unfortunately these skills are needed for just about every function in life. One of the first practices for coordination control is handwriting. The Kid’s Handwriting Practice Template is a simple and customizable one page template to use for a child’s handwriting practices.

How to use the Kid’s Handwriting Practice Template

Download the one page template and open it into word. The basic looking sheet is spaced to provide children a process to follow when writing.

The two lines close together indicate where a child should write their letters or words, working to stay in the lines and touch the bottom line with each letter. The larger space in between lines can be used for two purposes:

  • Practicing making correct-sized letters that don’t extend to far up.
  • An open space for the child to view their work without a cluttered experience.

It’s almost important to note the Name and Date fields at the top, as your child will likely be filling those out for 12 more years.

Tips for using the Kid’s Handwriting Practice Template

  • Customize this by clicking the “Enter” button after lines to create larger spaces, or the “Backspace” key to create smaller spaces.
  • Print multiple sheets and have children practice the same letters or words over and over to get used to the spacing requirements.
  • Use Word’s highlighting tools to make the lines red or yellow, to show your child where to “stop” and keep their letters in place.
  • Save the previous filled out copies that your child fills in, and put star stickers or another notation next to their best lines. Then, let them view those lines next to their new practice. This will help guide them from their last practice.

Download the Kid’s Handwriting Practice Template

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