Meal Tracker Template

Losing weight is a huge goal and a difficult one to accomplish. This template helps you achieve your goals in the most effective way possible. By charting and monitoring your meals and weight over a period of time, you can use the compiled data to see what’s helping and what’s hurting your weight loss journey. By averaging every five days of your meals and weight, you can start to see the trends that will get you on track to your ideal weight.

How to use the Meal Tracker

The meal tracker template comes stocked with a wide variety of examples for you to get the general feel of how to use it. Simply customize the dates for your schedule then input what you have eaten and the amount of calories that were in the meal.
On the second tab, titled “Weight”, mark how much you weigh and the difference from the previous day. Your progress will be marked and a visual of your weight loss is represented at the top of the “Calories” tab, keeping you motivated as it averages out every five days of your diet. This way, you can change your meal to get results based off of the graph.

Why use this template?

Many people get frustrated when they don’t see immediate results the first day. You can rest easy knowing that this tracker takes the average weight loss of the past five days and shows you the result in an easy to read graph. By viewing your results, you can track what meals are helping you and which ones you can throw out the window. The meal tracking template keeps your goals within reach by giving you all the data you need to see if your eating habits are helping or hurting.

Download: Meal Tracker Template

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