My Holiday Wish List

Take all of the nonsense and stress out of your holiday shopping this year by using the My Holiday Wish List template. This is the perfect tool for any parent that wants to save time on their holiday shopping and get the perfect gift for their children or loved ones. This Wish List is the best way to give the people closest to your heart a method of telling you what gift they’d like to receive this year. No more guesswork or stress for you. With this template, you’ll know exactly what your recipient wants and everyone will have a holiday to remember for years to come!

My Holiday Wish List Guide

After you have successfully downloaded the file containing this great template, you can begin to customize the document to fit your own unique needs!

You can start by clearing out all of the pre-written examples that have been filled in. Simply click in the cell and press “Backspace”.

The next step is to print the document and either hand them the document or send the file via email to their email address. They will take the sheet and enter all the information listed in the above categories. This template allows them to provide you with multiple gift ideas and conveniently lists their price and priority.

After they have given/sent back their sheet filled out, you can review the information and make an informed decision based on the location, price, and priority of the product/service. This convenient sheet takes out all the stress and guesswork and gives you the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones this holiday season.

Top Reasons to Use My Holiday Wish List

  • Has a priority meter for your gift recipient
  • Capable of tracking multiple gifts
  • Everything you need is on one convenient page

Get the perfect gift with this easy-to-use template!

Download: My Holiday Wish List 

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