Neighbors Contact List

Whether your house is on fire or you just need someone to watch your dog while you’re away, your neighbor is part of your community and always willing to help. It benefits you in so many ways to develop a rapport with your neighbors. You can rely on them to help you with stressful or even mundane things in life. Building strong relationships is what the Neighbors Contact List is all about. You can store their contact information quickly and conveniently using this free Contact List. When you need their help or you simply want to chat about neighborhood gossip, just give them a ring and they’ll be on their way.

Using the Neighbors Contact List

To download this free Contact List file to your computer; just follow the link located at the bottom of your screen.

The next step is to start filling in the names and contact information of the neighbors you want to store. You will see that there are 3 rows of 3 columns to enter a total of 9 neighbors, don’t feel like you need to fill up the whole list either.

Now, you want to store the contact information of your neighbor Nancy that lives just three houses down from you. You will choose an empty section from the document and begin by entering her name.

Next, go through and enter all the relevant contact information listed on the document. For example, you will see the item “Address” after the name. You would simply write Nancy’s address on the blank line to the right.

After the address, you will enter the various phone numbers and email information, then any additional contact information with their close relatives.

You may also change any of the category items to fit your needs. Maybe instead of listing multiple phone numbers, you could change one of them to their usual work schedule. That way, you’ll know exactly when they’re home.

When the time comes that you need someone to watch your children or want to leave your neighbors a spare key, because you constantly lock yourself out, you’ll be glad the Neighbors Contact List was there to help.

Download: Neighbors Contact List

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