Partner Weight Loss Tracker

Partner Weight Loss Tracker

It has been proven that the best way to continuously work out is to have a partner motivating you. Having someone depending on you to wake up and go work out with them creates a responsibility to stick with your weight loss goals. The Partner Weight Loss Tracker is an easy Excel template that two people can use to track their weight loss progress.

How to use the Excel Template Weight Loss Tracker

Download the Excel template from the link below and open it. The one page sheet is an organized and simple layout to track you and your partner’s progress. Begin by entering the month and year underneath the heading of “Weight Tracker”.

Below that are two columns, one for each participant. Enter the [Name] fields along with the starting weight number and the goal weight. The boxes below the weight section are automatically generated based on data, so skip over those and move down to the bar graphs.

The 31 lines are for each day of the month. Every day, weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast, and write in your weight. A bar will be generated next to it. As the days go on, the bars will change length depending on how your weight loss is progressing. The smaller the bar, the closer you are to your goal.

Move back up to the boxes you skipped earlier. They will now show your compiled data. Your maximum and minimum weight numbers for the month, percentage of weight lost, your average for the month, and how many pounds you have left to meet your goal. There is also a space that shows how many pounds you lost for the whole month. The more data you enter, the more accurate these charts will be.

Tips on using the Weight Loss Tracker

  • Create a new Excel template each month to continually track your weight. Monthly, compare your results.
  • You can change your goal weight each month. Though you may aspire to lose 30 pounds, it’s okay to have a goal of losing 7 pounds just for the month. Aiming too high right away can cause discouragement.
  • If your weight loss plateaus (as it often does), switch up your diet and workout routine to get your body back on track.

Download the Partner Weight Loss Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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