Pay Per Click Audit List

The Pay Per Click Audit List is the PPC expert’s best friend. This free checklist will help you ensure you have the right tools to make successful campaigns and weed out ones that are just not working for you. You will be given a free sheet that comes with a variety of examples that apply to every PPC campaign, in a general sense, and customize the document according to your needs. Customizing the document is as simple as clicking a cell and typing. If you’re tired of wasted spend and low-quality scores dragging your campaign through the mud, this checklist is exactly what you need to take your PPC game to the next level.

Using the Pay Per Click Audit List

You will first need to download the free Audit List file directly to your computer by following the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step is to go through the list and get a better sense of what this checklist will include. You should be able to refer to this document whenever you are ready to start your ad campaign.

That being said, you might have to make a few changes in order to make the Audit List specific to you. To change any of the pre-written examples, just click the cell you want to change and type something new. The main categories are listed in a larger font and the subcategories are indented directly below their related category. Simply make the changes you need to either.

When you have completed your ideal list, you will be ready to put it into action. Let’s say you’ve just finished composing a beautiful new ad campaign. The first thing you will need to do after is open up your Pay Per Click Audit List and go down through the items and checking them off as you go.

When you reach the bottom of your list, then you’ll know your new campaign is ready to implement. You can use this document to create more effective ads campaigns for free this year.

Download: Pay Per Click Audit List

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