PayPal Invoice Template

Paypal Invoice Template

If you run a business online, the chances that you use PayPal as your primary way to transfer and make money is pretty high. As with any business, you need to carefully bill and invoice your clients so they know what you did and what you are owed. It’s just that simple.

The free PayPal Invoice Template is your new way to accomplish that task.

The free document is available for download. You will use this template to build your own custom invoice sheet for PayPal to give to your online clients.
This is a nice and free alternative for businesses that are trying to get off the ground and need to limit their initial costs. You can learn how to use this tool by following the set of instructions below.

How to Use the PayPal Invoice Template

You can start by downloading the document we have provided for you at the bottom of this page. With the document in hand, you can proceed to open and edit the sheet to fit your needs.

To use the free invoice for PayPal, enter all the details mentioned in the invoice.

Start at the top of the page and enter your business name and email. You also have a space to enter the invoice number, date, due date, and currency.
Next, enter the recipient information. This will include their email address.

You will also need to list the item description, number quantity, and price in the main table below. The template will automatically give you the calculations for your client to receive the final total.

If you have terms of condition or want to leave a note for the client, you can do so in the indicated spaces at the bottom of the page.

You can also use this invoice for other purposes too. This is simply a great tool to start organizing your business.

Download: Paypal Invoice Template