Perpetual Inventory Control

The Perpetual Inventory Control Template

The Perpetual inventory control template is a must have tool in the today’s fast-paced business world for organizing and keeping track of inventory in a variety of different business settings. Having the goal of increased productivity in mind, this template is an easy to use time saver for recording and keeping track of incoming and outgoing inventory for products and a variety of inventory related items.

In business keeping accurate track of inventory is crucial for maintaining high profit margins and to keep things running smooth at all times. With its simplistic layout and carryover abilities the versatility of the Perpetual Inventory Control template provides superior results for businesses of all kinds, making it a popular choice in today’s market.

Using the Perpetual Inventory Control Template

  • First, create a separate file for each month by either making a new file or add each month to an individual tab contained in the same worksheet.
  • Second, customize the layout for the specific inventory needs for your business with column titles and headings such as for different category of items for fast easy tracking of data.
  • Third, enter your current inventory count for the items you stock. You can copy and paste much of this information.
  • Fourth, add any needed separate columns for alternate inventory tracking such as a separate warehouse location.
  • Fifth, enter your price or price changes for each item. Your inventory stock value will calculate automatically and show at the bottom.
  • Sixth, add any purchased and received inventory in the appropriate column for the week and again the total purchases for the month are calculated and shown at the bottom.
  • Seventh, enter the sold and removed items in the appropriate column for that week and the template will calculate the total value of the sold items at the bottom.
  • When you take inventory enter the information in the column you pre-labeled for inventory count.
  • Any difference in perpetual inventory and actual inventory count entered will be calculated and show as a total.

This valuable template is available for free download right here on our site. The Perpetual Inventory Control template is easily customizable to fit virtually any type of business inventory needs.

Useful Tips When Using the Perpetual Inventory Control Template

  • You can easily use this template on paper by entering the sheet number then the amount that should be carried forward to the next sheet number which is located at the bottom of the template.
  • Click on the costs tab. Now input your monthly revenues. Your total expenses will be shown below.
  • Use individual tabs instead of making a new file for each month. This is a time saver and keeps everything for the year quickly and easily accessible for viewing in one worksheet.

A real time saving device, not to mention a practical tool for keeping things organized the perpetual inventory control template is a favorite among business owners providing them with the positive results they desire.

Download: Perpetual Inventory Control

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