Project Management Progress Tracker Template

A project can seem like an unreachable goal, especially at the beginning stages. Using this Project Management Progress Tracker, you can receive a clear visual of the direction your project is headed. You can easily monitor the progress of your project tasks, assign the responsibility to any of your workers, and watch as they move towards completing their assignment. Take the hassle out of management by using your time more efficiently.

How to Use the Management Tracker

Simply open the file document and you will see the entire overview of your project progress on the first tab. The categories listed at the top of the page show you where to customize the tasks and people you want to manage. By updating this information from start to finish, you can keep account for the days it took to finish and the percentage of your total progress.
From this information, you can monitor which employee has made the most progress in their tasks. The management graph located on the right side of the screen illustrates the progress of your project on a weekly basis, as well as keeping track of your employees, to give you a quick and efficient view.
The second tab is a simple sheet that allows you to input the specific days that people will not be working. This is ideal for sick time logs, holidays, and personal time off. This will let you know if there is a reason for a person that has no progress logged that day.
The third tab is specifically for customization. This allows you to edit the legend of your progress management graph on the first tab, so you can change the various meanings of the colored chart to suit your project needs.

Best Features of the Management Progress Tracker

You can easily monitor multiple days of the week with the increase and decrease arrows at the bottom of the first tab.
A color coordinated chart displays an overview of your total progress.
The template includes a customizable legend to fit your project.
Say goodbye to the time consuming method of jotting down all this information on paper. Let your project soar in the most efficient way possible, as you manage your team, instead of your time.

Download: Project Management Progress Tracker Template

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