Quarterly Media Budget Template

Allocating expenses to get the proper media coverage for your business or non-profit organization can be difficult. There are so many ways to lose track of expenditures, and ultimately lose money! This is where the Budget Template comes into play. With this simple document, you can keep track of an overview of your media coverage. The document is easily customizable; to fit the different types of media outlets you want to advertise. The template only requires a few pieces of information, so you can carry on with your busy schedule!

Quarterly Media Budget Template Instructions

After downloading the Quarterly Media document and clicking on the file, you will be able to start organizing your budget.

There is one tab for you to track the entire year of your media coverage spending. On the left-hand side, simply write down what type of media you want to advertise your organization, such as: radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. Then, write the amount you want to allocate to each of the four quarters. Your amounts can vary throughout the year if you choose.

The template takes all the information you entered and conveniently totals all for amounts for a yearly budget. This will give you a percentage of your total media budget to the far right. This way, you can see what percentage is going to a certain media outlet. If you believe your market gets more clients from television, you can adjust the budget accordingly.

When you have all the information entered, simply click the “File” tab in the top left corner, and select the “Print” option, to have the Quarterly Media Budget printed out. You can pick the “Save As” option to store the budget on your computer as well.

Top Three Features of the Quarterly Media Budget Template

  • Simple design allows for quick reference of your entire budget.
  • Calculates totals and percentages of your budget and displays this information on the side
  • Template allows for limitless media types to better accommodate diversity

Download: Quarterly Media Budget Template

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