SEO Task Checklist

Have you ever wanted to become an SEO master and really maximize the efficiency of your business or website? The SEO Task Checklist is the perfect companion tool to help you in that endeavor. With this trusty tool at your side, you will always have the resources to refer back to when you’re not sure. The template is designed to take you through all the important elements of SEO. However, if you already have a few years of experience under your belt, you can edit, change, add any of the items in the free checklist so it works perfectly for what you want to accomplish. If you’re ready to master SEO tactic, then download the free template today.

SEO Task Checklist Description

The SEO Task Checklist will give you a simple list of items in which to complete before you launch the SEO project you’re currently working on. The structure of the template will display 5 columns in which to enter your information. With a percentage to track your progress for each item, the template makes it simple and efficient to ensure you have everything properly formatted for maximum SEO value.

Using the SEO Task Checklist

At the top of the template, you will start by entering the name of the task that you want to be completed and the deadline just below that name.

If you scroll down to the main table of the document, you’ll notice a list of example items. As stated, above you can easily edit these items to fit you unique needs. To change any of the examples, simply click the cell you want to change and type something new instead.

You can also add a due date for each of your tasks within the whole project. Those dates will be entered in the “Due By” column. Likewise, if you want to leave yourself any notes on the subject, just enter the note in the given space.

When you complete a project, feel free to enter the date you completed it as well. Also, if you can’t finish a project the same day you started, you can always list a percentage in the first column of the SEO Task Checklist to indicate that the task has been started.

Use this free template to get a leg up on competition, download this spreadsheet today.

Download: SEO Task Checklist

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