Social Media Content Calendar

Each day of the week is your new social media playground with the power of the Social Media Content Calendar template. If you’re someone that lives and breathes social media, then you’ll love this free template. The document allows you to enter all your upcoming posts for any social platform. You can start planning ahead, instead of jumping from day-to-day. This free template is perfect for someone that uses social media for work or wants to promote their business through this free medium. To learn how to download and use the free template today, just follow the guide we’ve provided below.

How to Use the Social Media Content Calendar

Downloading the free template document to your computer is a simple task. You can just click the link below to get started.

There is only one-page to the entire template. Simply click the day you want to schedule a post. There are tabs for the days of the week at the very top of each page.
After doing this, you’ll be taken to a fresh page for posts that will be scheduled for the day you’ve selected.

The first column of the template shows you the times of day. There are also color-coordinated social platforms at the center of each new section in the middle of the page.

After you have chosen the day, scroll down the page to find the platform you want to use, like Twitter or Facebook, and then find the time you want to schedule the post. Each column has its own category, such as links, ad copy, etc. If your post falls under one of these categories, enter a description under the corresponding row.

When you’re ready to sit down and get posting, just find the weekday and schedule your post using the information from your new schedule!

Download: Social Media Content Calendar

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