Teacher To Do Checklist

Organization is the key to a smooth running classroom and teachers need all of the help that they can get. The Teacher To Do Checklist is an easy to use template that will help keep the educational environment running smooth and efficiently. Simply enter the information about work that needs to be done into the template, tab to the next field, and watch as the program automatically tallies up days to complete, and even the status of the task.

How to Use the Teacher To Do Checklist Template

  • First, in the item column, fill in the information for the task that needs to be done. This information should include the name of the item that needs to be completed. It is always wise to save often while entering information into the template.
  • Second, in the category column, enter the information for the specified item. This is where the information that is entered pertains to where, or in what context the task is to take place, such as an assessment or office work.
  • Third, in the start date column, enter the date of when the task is to be started.
  • Fourth, in the due date column, enter the date in which the task needs to be completed.
  • Fifth, in the days remaining column of the Teacher To Do Checklist template, the amount of days left for completing the task is automatically tallied.
  • Sixth, in the status column, is where the actual status of the project is listed. If the task is cancelled, not started, or even on hold it will be displayed here.

Tips for Using the Teacher To Do Checklist Template

  • Save work often as unexpected power outages happen at the worst moments in life, and saving the progress while filling out the template will make things much easier.
  • Save the template in a place that is easy to access and easy to see on a daily basis. If saving the checklist on a PC the template will save and be easy to access right from the desktop.

Being an educator is one of the world’s most important jobs, and can be one of the most hectic. Keeping track of daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks and chores on the Teacher To Do Checklist template is one trick to making life as an educator just a little easier.

Download: Teacher To Do Checklist

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