Teachers Work List

An organized teacher is a teacher that is prepared to brave the weathered storms of a new semester. The free Teachers Work List is a document that can help you plan for the upcoming semester and get you through the entire year in one piece as well. You will be able to enter the items you need and customize this document to fit your teaching style perfectly this year. If you want a document that can handle the heavy load that you dealt with for years so you can get back to the important things, like education, then download the free template today.

Using the Teachers Work List

The Work List is accessible by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. With your document open, proceed to the next step.
Now, the template only needs two tabs to operate. One will allow you to enter your raw data and the other will allow you to organize that raw data into a workable schedule. Start on the tab that says “List Data”.

The List Data tab is where you will enter the categories for your schedule. The Teachers Work List gives you a few examples, but you want to edit these to items that are more common for you. This is a general schedule so you can enter items like “Grading” or “Assessments” in the table below.

When you have your categories completed, you can proceed to the main menu of the template, the “Teacher’s List.”

In the first column, enter the item that you need to complete and use the drop-down menus to choose what category that item belongs to. You will also enter a start and end date for that specific project as well. The template will then show you the days remaining to complete that assignment. You may use the legend above to list the status of each item too.

For example, you can choose “On Hold” in case you need to prioritize other tasks. The final section is for leaving yourself notes. Organizing your life as a teacher is made simple and fun with this free template.

Download: Teachers Work List

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