VAT Invoice

VAT Invoice Template

For every product sold or service provided, there is a bill of sale issued to the consumer. Businesses want the consumer to remember their favorable shopping experience with them. A professional, attractive invoice will leave the customer with a lasting impression of their visit to your business. The VAT invoice shows the total amount of the purchase and has a separate column showing the VAT included in the purchase price.

Our free VAT invoice is easy-to-use and downloadable from this page. It is completely customizable for a polished, professional appearance!

Using the VAT Invoice Template

  • Add your store or business logo. Having your corporate logo on the VAT invoice will give it a professional look. Also add the name of the business and full address, including the street name and number, city, country, phone and VAT number, and e-mail address.
  • Review the fields on our VAT invoice. Amend them to include any information that is specific to your business. For example, if your business is a restaurant and the gratuity is included, that should be shown in a separate column. Delete any fields that are not required.
  • Include fields for customer information. These can be as specific as your business requires.
  • Add a field for salesperson information. This is required for paying gratuities or commissions and also for tracking who is selling the most product

Tips for Using the Vat Invoice Template

  • Add fields as necessary. A field to mark if a VAT Refund Form has been requested should be added. Also, Facebook and Twitter accounts should be noted, if applicable
  • Since the invoice may be the only communication with a customer (as is the case with online sales), adding a line to thank them for their patronage is a nice gesture
  • Back up the VAT invoice. Make sure that copies are kept in an accessible place and ensure that the electronic copy of the invoice matches the paper copy. Both will be needed in the event of a tax audit

Generating paperwork is a requirement of doing business. Use our downloadable VAT invoice to create a polished image.

Download: VAT Invoice

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