Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Teachers often have to juggle multiple classes of many different levels as the size of classrooms grows. The Weekly Lesson Plan Template is a simple way for teachers to track where each class is at throughout the week without having to create multiple pages for each class.

How to use the Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Download the Excel file using the link below and open the one page template. It is ordered with the five weekdays, along with one section for extra notes. At the top, enter your name, the school name, and then move to the “week” section. The date that you enter will automatically enter the dates for all the other days of the week, so you only need to change that each week.

Now each day is filled with the correct date and nine spaces, eight for each class and one for notes. Fill in the plans for each day of the week for each class. You can also utilize this as a planner for your free hours, for instance entering in “Teacher Red Lobster Trip” for the weekly teacher outing.  The rest can filled in with short items such as “Read chapters 12-13”.

Tips on using the Weekly Lesson Plan Template

  • Keep the weekly lessons locked using Excel’s “password protect” feature. This will keep it safe on your computer so students cannot see it.
  • You can fill in four sheets to help navigate the entire month and meet goals for each class. Avoiding filling in more than 4 weeks as often, class lessons can change.
  • If you work with other teachers on certain assignments, you can share these lesson plans with the others to help plan together.

Download the Weekly Lesson Plan Template

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