Weekly Student Task Template

Everyone knows how it feels to be swamped with work, personal activities, and schoolwork. You’re not alone in thinking that handling your tasks is like performing a complex juggling act! You’re in luck! Here at My Excel Templates, we offer many solutions to help you manage your duties and tasks. In this situation, the best and most efficient way of handling your problem is not using hand-written pages or post-it notes. The introduction of an Excel Weekly Student Task Template will save you a lot of time and money during your organizational process.

Using the free Weekly Student Task Template

The task template will help you keep your mind at ease while keeping your tasks in order. There are two spreadsheets that make up the whole of this template. There’s a task list and a weekly task schedule, which both coordinate with each other. Learn more by following along.

  • Find the free template download in this article. Once you download and open the weekly task template, you’ll see the “Task List.” Notice that there are three fields: date, class, and assignment.
  • Enter a date for your first assignment or task. Enter a quick description for it.
  • Click on the “Weekly Task Schedule” tab next. You’ll notice that throughout your schedule, the information from the previous sheet has populated the calendar.

Tips for the free Weekly Student Task Template

  • Since the task template is an Excel spreadsheet, this means you’ll find it so easy to customize. You can add anything you wish to the template. The most popular additions include pictures, new fonts, and a change of colors.
  • Put your school logo on the Weekly Task Schedule sheet to personalize it. Then coordinate the color scheme to match the logo colors.
  • It’s easy to add items that aren’t school-related on the Task List sheet. Instead of assigning a class, just put “Other” or “Bills,” or another description word.

Download: Weekly Student Task Template


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