Work Order Template

Work Order Template

Any professional business has a work order form for their employees. The purpose of a work order is to help companies internally track an employee’s work assignments and how they are doing. Download the free Work Order Template to use with your employees.

How to use the Work Order Template

Download the template using the link below and open it in Excel. The work order is generally given to the customer to review and keep a copy of, while the original is kept on file with the company. It also is used for the worker to remember what they are supposed to be doing.

Begin by filling in the information of your company in the top left corner. The right side at the top is for tracking each individual work assignment.  Right below that, the employer will fill in the description of the work to be done, along with the billing and shipping address as needed.

Next is where the actual work assignment projects are listed. This can be used for either delivering items, or completing tasks. For instance, you can use this area to indicate how many biscuits must be delivered to a Red Lobster by the truck driver. You will fill in the quantity of biscuit crates, the description (Deliver to Red Lobster), and the pricing information for the customer to review.

The total at the bottom is automatically calculated from the information you enter. To the left of that is general terms and agreements which you can edit to fit your business. Below is for the customer to sign.

Tips for using the Work Order Template

  • Edit the initial template to include all the generic, non-changing information like your company name and address. Then save it, and use that template for each work order to save time.
  • Always keep the original copy filed away in case of later disputes. It is also good to make a copy for the customer.
  • Add your logo for some flair.

Download: Work Order Form

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