Workbook Name Template

Workbook Name Template

Learning to use the Excel function is a handy way to develop new tools for your office or company. By mastering even simple formulas, you can cut the worktime for many projects in half or completely replace some of your routines with a formula as well. For developing a running work schedule for your employees, there’s no better way than with the NETWORKDAYS function, to calculate the work days in the week and edit them as you see fit. To learn more about this free template, just follow the guide below.

Using the Workbook Name Template

To download your Workbook Name Template, just follow the link we have conveniently provided for you below.

This free template gives you an example of how the function works and what you can do with it when you’re ready to incorporate it into your workflow.

The next step will be to create your own Excel file to follow along with the sheet. Start by creating a simple table that has the information you want. This will help you practice how to make your own when you need to use it for business or personal use.

With your basic table, that includes start and end dates, and the days in a year. You can use the simple formula highlighted in blue to calculate the number of days in a year without workdays.

The formula highlighted in orange shows you how to calculate the total number of days in this period excluding weekends and holidays.


You can then make a separate table to specify the weekends that you want to exclude in the list. Remember to change the cells in parenthesis of the formulas to wherever you placed your tables with that information.

You can use this formula to make a variety of different formulas for your work purposes.

Download: Workbook Name Template

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