Excel 2007 – xls vs. xlsx

xlsx File Format

Excel 2007 – xls vs. xlsx

xlsxMicrosoft Excel 2007 has a new file extension, xlsx.This new extension is not compatible with previous versions of Excel unless you take some steps to make your version compatible.If you don’t do this, be prepared to hear complaints from customers, vendors, and/or family who can’t open up this new file type.

What does this mean?

If you send this type of spreadsheet to a customer or vendor who does not have Excel 2007, they will not be able to open up your spreadsheet.This can cause a delay in productivity if you didn’t realize what version of Excel they were using.

How to resolve this?

  1. Save your Excel 2007 spreadsheets in the 97-2003 xls format.To do this, Select the Office Button and Save As.Select the option of Save As 97-2003 workbook.

a.To make this the default action, select Office Button and Excel Options.

b.Select Save on the left side of your Option.Change the option in Save Files in This Format to Excel 97-2003.xls

Save As 97-2003


2. If you are a user who has issues opening the new Excel 2007 format, you will need to download the Microsoft Compatibility pack.  This will allow you to open and edit the new file format.

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