Year & Month Calendar

The Year & Month Calendar is the perfect tool to organize all your activities and plans into one free-flowing template document. The calendar template can be used again and again, no matter the year. The dates will automatically adjust so there is no need to own any other calendar. With all the months of the year displayed in a convenient overview, along with having individual pages of their own, you will know exactly what to do next every day of your life. To learn how to use and download this free Year & Month Calendar document directly to your computer, just follow the link at the bottom of this page to get started and continue reading the guide provided below.

Using the Year & Month Calendar

Now that you have successfully downloaded the free Year & Month Calendar file directly to your computer, you’re ready to begin.
Start by selecting the current month from the list of months at the bottom of this template. Just like any other calendar you have used before, you will be able to put items into each of the boxes and fill out a detailed schedule for future reference.

You can also choose certain settings in the “settings” tab below. Go to this page to choose when you want the week to start and whether or not you want to observe holidays in your calendar.

You can also select the year in this window as well. Just use the giant arrows at the top of the page to select the correct year.
To add any special holidays or events that might not be listed in this template already, go to the “Holidays” tab and add any events you deem necessary. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, or anything you think is important and is also recurring.
The setup for adding holidays is pretty straightforward; just enter the date, the name, and the rules of the date, in the appropriate columns.

When you have all this information readily available, your calendar will be complete and ready to use!

Download: Year & Month Calendar – MS

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